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Project Description

Duration:  5 minutes
Director:  Jeremy Elman
Producer:  Gareth Hulbert
Story by:  Mark Brocking

Produced for the Go Green 48 hour Film competition, this film was created to highlight the issues surrounding over-fishing.  Over a crazy 48-hour period, the London Film Collective came together to produce this dark comedy in which Tom Dupont (Chris Polick) gets to know his Tuna Fish sandwich!  Tom soon learns what life is really like for a tuna fish and how current fishing policies just don’t work.

Within the rules of the competition, we were given the ocean as our environmental issue, the character Tom Dupont, Artist, a set of keys as a prop and we had to use the line ‘Right here, right now’.

Tom Dupont – Chris Polick
Tuna Fish – Efi Dementi